Calloway County Quilt Trail

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*Unfortunately, the Original Butterworth barn (top picture) was hit by lightening and burned to theground in September 2012. They have now replaced both the barn and the quilt square. While the new barn is shorter and the BQ a little different- we are very happy to have this landmark back on our trail.

Butterworth  4497 94W Murray    RWB Patriotic  8x8

In 1996, the Butterworth’s built their home behind a dark fired tobacco barn which had been on their farm for many years. They had planned to move the barn to another location, but the barn stayed.  The doors were widened to allow the driveway to run through it.  The barn houses some old farm tools and is now the main entrance to their home.  They kept an American flag on the front of the barn until they decided to replace it with a patriotic design quilt square.

36 35.908N—-088 23.668W